Dichotomy of effectiveness and efficiency

Everyone has different goals. With each goal we can choose to be effective and efficient. Even when the journey is the ideal state we can make life more enjoyable by ensuring we do the right things better.

The first step towards being effective is to reevaluate the goal(s). What gets measured gets managed. If you can’t definitely know when a goal is complete then it needs rework. Nebulous goals may also be principles in disguise.

Often we are attempting to do something that in some way was already achieved by others. The lesson is to set aside time to learn from the experiences of other people. Leverage our expanding collective intelligence to avoid repeating historic mistakes.

Be wary of taking advice from someone who lacks experience on the subject they are advising on. Focus on those who are exceptional or those who seem to hold some uncommon truth on the subject. These are your mentors.

With our goal we can think about how to achieve it faster. First identify the important activities. The bottlenecks. Then reduce the cycle time or reduce the amount of resources required.

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