Factory of ideas

When adopting a culture of innovation it’s important to foster the spread of great ideas. Here are a few models: TED (conference), MIT Media Lab, and Harvard Business Review.

TED (conference)

In college, when I reclaimed my passion for learning, I discovered TED Talks. This conference franchise delivers insight, meaning, and inspiration. What’s amazing is how much information they give away while remaining profitable.

Putting the talks online scaled viewership. The website videos of TED Talks are always available. TED was a couple hundred people meeting in real life once a year. Now it shares ideas with millions of people watching videos online every day.


The core of any TED conference are the talks. These talks come from speakers of diverse backgrounds. The common thread between speakers is each have a unique idea worth sharing.

TED franchise continues to innovate. They expanded with their independently-organized TEDx Program, TED Prize, TED Fellows Program, TED Residency, TED Partnerships, TED Podcasts, TED Books, and so much more.

The other two models are worth exploring in future posts. The MIT Media Lab is unique laboratory with little constraints on research. The Harvard Business Review is the magazine for business leaders.

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