Better Life — Synthesis of Win-Win Solutions

Here is something everyone can do to improve their quality of life. Recognizing that together we can do more than alone opens up new possibilities. It begins with active participation and ownership of the process.

If you go into a negotiation without brainstorming new mutually beneficial solutions then you’ve already failed. Without options to pursue discussion spirals around in a “who gets what” fashion. Worst case scenario is you establish an adversarial environment that defaults to fixed sum thinking. You become closed off from valuable opportunities.

In sales you can have a pre-close activity known as discovery. Discovery is a moment in time when relationships are built, empathy develops, and ideas flow. This approach to sales is slower as it doesn’t allow the salesman to presume the needs of the prospect. However the result is higher quality clients as it requires a relationship that fosters innovation through collaboration.

In the next negotiation or discovery call try this win-win approach. Design solutions that leverage the resources of all parties. Pursue an open mind and empathize deeply with others. Above all be genuine in your desire to add value to someone else’s life.

This post supports Our team is discovering and enacting the path to character-first voice acting. Characters are a new form of actor asset. These assets will ensure actors have a path to adopting AI into their workflow.

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