High leverage activities

There are certain activities that are more efficient than others. Whatever your priorities you’ll have options to achieving the same desired result. Be intelligent with your resources.

Let’s say you are one of millions who make the New Years resolution to get healthy. Statistics show that most of these commitments fail by February. So how do you improve your chances of following through?

Make fun a priority when getting healthy. It’s a simple thing, but it has a huge impact. It maintains the only thing that matters for forming any long term habit; motivation. By staying happy, you’ll stay motivated.

Use a calendar to schedule workouts. Set a recurring event with a notification to remind you. This allows you to offload the mental overhead of finding time during your day.

Going to the gym is problematic when you are starting a new exercise habit or you are very busy. You can come up with excuses: it’s raining, it’s too cold, I don’t have time, and so on. Instead buy a kettlebell and place it around the house. Lookup some kettlebell exercises online. I do this and it has eliminated my excuses for skipping strength training.

In pursuit of your goals you should look for high leverage activities. This leverage ensures your time and money go farther. These are the force multipliers.

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