Avoiding analysis paralysis

Doing the right thing better (faster) requires more doing than thinking. There are two fundamentals for making quick decisions. Impulse and reversibility.

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The first fundamental is to make impulsive decisions. Counter to popular opinion impulsive thinking is extremely valuable. Your gut response is an evolutionary marvel. It was designed to save your life. All of the negative connotations are nullified once you’ve established big goals and strong principles.

Just do it. The first thing that comes to mind is your answer. Keep the flow. The answer should come quick and the return to doing even quicker.

Make it a habit. The cue or trigger is any decision or question. The response is to immediately form an answer. Your reward is to never procrastinate again.

The second fundamental to quick decisions is to make easily reversible decisions. This lowers the cost of changing your opinion. This preference will allow you to make more decisions faster.

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