Priority is action potential

You have a finite set of resources to dedicate to an infinite set of possibilities. Why you are able to do anything is based on prioritization. Without priority you do nothing.

To visualize prioritization let’s use a two-layered graph model. The first layer has one node, which represents you. The second layer has nodes for each activity that you’ve prioritized. Assigned to each activity is a score representing the likelihood of you doing that activity. The sum of all scores will always be 100%.

Spreading your priorities across many activities will lead to frequent context switching. Multi-tasking can be used to cultivate creativity, but often it is used as an excuse to avoid focusing on one task for extended periods of time. However narrowly focusing your priorities for too long can lead to rigidity in behavior and myopic thinking.

There are many systems competing for your attention. They want you to prioritize activities based on their interests. Some systems are external and some systems are internal.

A common external system demanding attention is social media. This is the reason why social media apps ask for your permission to send you notifications. They know each notification they send is an opportunity to control your priorities.

A common internal system is your body telling you to eat. Your hormones produce a set of specific chemicals sent to your hypothalamus to signal that you’re hungry. And that hunger forces you to prioritize eating.

Given that your attention is scare you should be skilled in managing priorities. Here are a few tools to help: a watch, a calendar, and meditation.

The watch gives you time of day. Simply being made aware of time passing will increase your ability to prioritize.

The calendar allows forwarding planning of priorities. By setting an event or recurring events you can set the agenda.

Meditation in all its forms is the practice of being mindful of priority. By shifting to a state of zero prioritization you can practice observing the systems influencing your priorities.

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