Set big goals to guide innovation

A big goal will energize and motivate you, your team, your customers, your audience, and so on. A big goal prepares you for the big shifts. It helps focus your efforts.

When chasing a small or big goal you start with the same amount of resources. You have the same time, money, and human capital. What changes is the requirements. You must be more effective and more efficient with big goals. This requires innovation.

For my goal is the smooth adoption of AI in the voice acting industry. For each relevant industry this will manifest in different ways. So to redefine and communicate the opportunities and risks involved for actors or creators I created sub-goals:

  • Advertising: To produce real-time commercials with voiced characters requires innovation.
  • Video Games: To produce a video game with over 1 million voiced characters requires innovation.
  • E-Learning: To produce e-learning modules that are accessible to billions of people requires innovation.
  • Animation: To produce an animated series with episodes that are longer than 24 hours requires innovation.
  • Audiobooks: To produce an audiobook that has an actor for each character requires innovation.

Don’t let innovation happen to you. Set bigger goals. Find new and better ways of doing things to achieve your lofty goals. Everyone benefits from a more ambitious you.

This post supports Our team is discovering and enacting the path to character-first voice acting. Characters are a new form of actor asset. These assets will ensure actors have a path to adopting AI into their workflow.