Be clear and concise

Effective communication requires a willing receiver and each message costs that recipient time and energy. For each message you send today invest in making it more clear and concise.

A friend’s message that goes on too long. An excessively wordy email from a boss. That stranger that can’t stop talking no matter how many cues you give them. Bad communication leaves a bad impression. Be good. Be better.

Once the value of sharing an idea is understood the investment in making it more effective is obvious. It’s about sharing your story! It’s about having a profound impact on someone else’s life. It’s about creating value.

We communicate with more than just words. More people are using images and video to send their messages. The principle still applies. Refine your message to its’ quintessential essence and all participants benefit. By being deliberate in communication we ensure each bit does more work and therefore is more expressive.

In practice this involves a draft and several revisions. The more revisions you make the more clear and concise your message is. Ensure you’re staying on topic. Reduce clutter. Allow yourself the time to edit, cut, and rearrange.

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