Breakfast of champions

Until my mid-twenties I ate a similar breakfast to what I ate as a child. Sometimes it was a healthy serving of eggs, but often it got replaced by junk food. I’m not about to tell you what to eat for breakfast. This is about questioning assumptions and taking ownership.

There is nothing more personal than what you put in your body. The cliche “you are what you eat” is common wisdom for a reason. The decision to question my assumptions about breakfast came after reading a book. What book doesn’t matter. All books can serve a similar purpose in your life. Read more.

For most of my life I deferred judgment on what I ate. I deferred to my parents, to advertising, to anybody but myself. It was easy. It’s what you do. It saved energy. I’m lucky my parents cared about my health. I don’t think companies pushing sugar cereal and sugar pastries cared that much.

Today I eat something I call The Breakfast of Champions. It breaks popular wisdom. It is vegetables and eggs. I eat it within the first 30 minutes of waking up before my morning run. It is my first win. For the rest of the day I am never hungry.

Follow the facts. Accept that this requires questioning conventional wisdom. All common knowledge was once uncommon. It needed to be discovered, shared, and accepted. Each of us has the ability to add to our collective body of knowledge. Here diversity is strength.

How much of your day is deferred judgment? Who’s assumptions are you adopting? Where can you spend time questioning assumptions? Why do you do what you do? There are many questions to explore. It’s time to take ownership.

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