The cost of trying something

Is often artificially increased. We default to comfortably doing nothing. I risk nothing by doing nothing, right? False.

Doing nothing would only risk nothing if the world stopped spinning. But we’re surrounded by a constantly changing environment. Plans that work today will eventually expire as the game shifts.

The decision to not act and sit idle leads to atrophy. You lose the ability to think critically and do the work. We can observe this effect everywhere. Where there is comfort there is stagnation. We see it in big companies. We see it in wealthy families. Both are coddled by time. Both lose their fitness.

Taking action is practicing theory. It forces you to put your ideas out into reality. The real world quickly gives you the greatest tool of innovation; a reality check. You learn from both bad and good decisions. Do nothing, learn nothing.

Facing death you’re not going to regret the decisions you made. It’s going to be the decisions you didn’t make. The paths you didn’t take. Those opportunities are lost forever.

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