Throughput of Jack and Jill

We all want time in our life to do the things we love. An effective method of finding time is deliberate process improvement.

Jack and Jill have the same skill level for activity A. They are both tasked to do activity A everyday. Jack thinks himself a hard worker and dedicates his entire day to doing activity A. Jill considers herself a smart worker and dedicates half of her day to doing activity A and the other half achieving a 5% process improvement on activity A. How long before Jill begins to outproduce Jack?

We know Jill needs to double her throughput to match Jack as she is only spending half of her day in activity A. With a daily 5% process improvement she’ll match Jack’s throughput in 20 days. In 21 days she is outproducing Jack. Any day after that she could stop process improvement, work only half of the day, spend the other half watching Netflix and still outproduce Jack.

Activity A can be any activity you do on any given day. The above example should highlight the dangers of accepting the status quo. Doing the same thing over and over may seem comfortable and least risky, but this is an illusion. Your peers are always improving. The least risky behavior is to invest in process improvement. For me activity A is writing blog posts. I plan to produce more in my effort to educate others about strategy and process.

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